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What Do Your Customer’s Think About Your Business?

If I picked 10 of your customers at random what would they tell me about their experience in doing business with your company? Really good companies know the answer to this question simply because they ask their customers. In many cases they ask them on a regular basis. That allows them to adjust, change, or make right anything that is causing a customer to have anything less than a great experience in doing business with…

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Don’t Be Afraid to Swim Against the Current

Malcolm Muggeridge is quoted as saying, “Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream.” I am not sure if this is always true but there is some encouragement in Mr. Muggeridge’s statement. All of us need to swim against the current from time to time to really succeed in our business. Fear is typically the main reason that most business owners are afraid of going against the current. Business decisions like all decisions…

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