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Happy Holidays for Your Business

We have finally arrived at the holiday season. Celebrations abound for those who choose to celebrate. Is your company celebrating this year? I don’t mean are you having a Christmas party or handing out year-end bonuses, but is your company really celebrating another year in business. The Christmas/New Year holidays is a great time to celebrate what your business has accomplished the past year. The key is to get everyone involved from employees, vendors and…

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Is Your Company a Disrupter or Are You Being Disrupted?

I want to talk to you for a few minutes about your business and where you and your business stand on disruption. By disruption, I mean a change or innovation that changes how your products or services are used, delivered or perceived in the market. Every day we are subject to disruptions such as the driverless car, cell phones and Facebook advertising. Who could have seen these changes or disruptions coming 2, 3 or 5…

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It’s About Time You Looked at Your Prices

Well we have almost reached the end of another year. How did your business perform this past year? Did you leave some money on the table? I suspect that most of you did because in my experience raising prices is one of the most difficult task for most business owners. As you beginning your planning for 2017, I suggest that one of the steps be to look at your pricing. The cost of doing business…

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