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I Dare You And Your Business Not To Fail!

How many times have you as a business owner heard about how often small business fail. There are all kinds of statistics available and often they sometimes don’t agree to actual numbers, but then again, I imagine it is difficult to get an accurate count. Regardless, everyone seems to agree that the number is very high particularly in the first years of life of a new business. There are a good number of reasons businesses…

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How Can I Find the Right Mentor for Me and My Business?

I recently came across an article entitled, “10 Reasons to Avoid Executive Leadership Coaches Like the Plaque,” by Chris Pearse. (Forbes 12/22/19). In the article Mr. Pearse, who is a leadership coach himself, outlined a number of pitfalls one can encounter when engaging a coach or mentor. Two that really struck me were the coach/mentor who uses a structured process, which I call “using a notebook” and the other is those who focus on performance.…

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