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Can I Trust You?

Trust can be everything in a business transaction. If your customer or client does not trust you and or your product or service, then the chances are they will not do business with you. The level of trust that a potential buyer needs to do business with you can vary. If you position yourself as the low-cost alternative, then the level of trust needed is lower. On the other hand if you are seeking a…

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Partners and Their Exit Strategies

Ever business owner needs an exit strategy. At some point in the life of a business there will be a time when an owner needs or wants to step aside. Therefore, it is important that every business owner develop their own exit plan. Change in a business should be as smooth as possible. Planning the change, such as an owner’s exit, is obviously critical to for the change to be effective and smooth. When a…

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How Much Do Your Employees Know About Your Business?

I came across a short article the other day by David Finkel, CEO of Maui Mastermind® entitled “The Backbone of Your Company.” In the article David talks about how most companies try to build their company on a one-legged stool called “Team”. We all know how stable a one-legged stool is and if there is just a little bit of sway the entire stool and its passenger can fall to the ground. This same effect…

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