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How do you currently lead your business? Do you lead from the front or do you delegate the role to others? Either of these choices can be the right one or they can be the wrong one for your business. There are literally hundreds of theories about what constitutes leadership and what is the best kind of leadership. In the field of business writing there is a new “flavor of the month” published every week.…

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The Health Care Debate – A Teachable Moment for Business

Open your newspaper, turn on your T.V. or go online and you will find a ton of information about the health care system in America. More information, more conversation and more debate about the issue than any current issue in our country. We are in a period of information overload. There are times in the life of any business that critical or important issues arise that can put you as a business owner in a…

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How does your 2017 budget look?

At this point every business should have two months of accurate financial results for 2017. Also everyone on the management team, whether there is one (sole proprietor) or a dozen should have reviewed and discussed the results. A part of that discussion should be “how are we doing compared to the budget we worked up?” The answer to this question at this point in the calendar year can have a big impact on how you…

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