Your Business Website is Only a Beginning

Every business process has a beginning and an end. In the case of your business technology there is also a lot in the middle and really no end in sight. A business website is typically a good place to start building the technology that your business will use for communication both inside and outside of your business. The website can be a place where all or most all of your communication technologies meet. A website…

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Who Makes Up The Planning Team?

The answer to that question would seem to be easy if your business is a sole proprietorship and you are the only employee of the business. You are the planning team. Let me suggest that may not be the best answer. Even if you consider yourself a team of one, there are others that can help you develop a better business plan. A good place to start is with organizations in our community or online…

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Where Do We Go From Here?

That sounds like a great question for many people and businesses at the beginning of a new year. My hope would be that most of you already have some idea or perhaps even a plan to move forward into the new year. I would like to suggest that to a certain degree your opportunity to find the success that you are looking for in 2018 has already been decided. The fact that you already have…

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