Today Make Time to Have Lunch with a Smart Person

Recently I had lunch with Tommy Thompson. Tommy has run the daily operations of our 1,000+ member church campus. In that job he uses all the skills and experience he has accumulated in 40+ years of working in a variety of jobs in Corporate America. In his career, Tommy has held several positions, such as corporate safety manager for a major energy company, which required him to be a top-notch strategist as well as a daily problem solver. His decisions directly impacted the overall business and health of his company. Tommy is and had to be a smart person everyday he was on the job.

Why should you have lunch or associate with smart people? First, you can learn from them and I am not just talking about where the best place to have lunch is or where the hot vacation spots are. Secondly, smart people tend to be successful and their success tends to rub off on those around them. Finally, smart people also tend to motivate other people to a higher level of success. There are more reasons to have lunch with a smart person, but these are my top three.

Continuous learning is one of the cornerstones of building a successful personal and professional career. It is very hard if not impossible to advance in one’s career if we do not open ourselves to learn from others. The experience and education of others can help build our own knowledge base. One of the characteristics of a smart person is that they take full advantage of their learning opportunities. Spending time with them allows one to benefit from their drive to learn more every day.

Success is measured in different ways depending on the situation in which it is applied. Smart people are typically successful in all aspects of their lives including business, family, faith and community. A well-rounded life is an important measure of individual success. The more time we can spend around a successful or smart person the easier it is to understand the “success” model and to make it our own.

When was the last time you were inspired by someone else? All of us have been inspired by someone else’s actions at one time or another. When you spend time with a smart person, they tend to inspire you. They don’t need to overtly tell you how smart they are. They don’t need to brag about their accomplishments. All they must do is share a bit of their daily life with you; a simple conversation will do.

One of the reasons they are smart is they want and enjoy inspiring and serving others. This comes across in the way they conduct themselves throughout the day. The way the act, talk and treat their daily challenges. Smart people know how to take on life and win. I encourage you to look for the Tommy Thompsons’ of this world and when the check comes don’t be afraid to pick it up. You will walk away ‘smarter’ than when you sat down.

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