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What Drives Your Employees?

This week’s blog is obviously directed at those small business owners who have employees. However, I believe that even those who do not have employees can benefit themselves from the information in the blog. There are several factors that motivate all of us to do the work we do. Each employee is a human being and what motivates them in most cases motivates all of us, including owners, to be successful. I believe that one…

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Do You Know Who Your Market Is?

I was reading an article this past week by John Jantsch entitled, “The Biggest Marketing Challenge for Small Businesses”. In his article, John provides an ‘ABC’ on putting together a viable marketing plan for small businesses. One of the items on his “checklist” is to create a description of your ideal customer. The question of who is my ideal customer comes up in most marketing discussions. My question to you is have you really identified…

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