Do You Know Who Your Market Is?

I was reading an article this past week by John Jantsch entitled, “The Biggest Marketing Challenge for Small Businesses”. In his article, John provides an ‘ABC’ on putting together a viable marketing plan for small businesses. One of the items on his “checklist” is to create a description of your ideal customer. The question of who is my ideal customer comes up in most marketing discussions. My question to you is have you really identified your ideal customer?

The challenge I find that most business owners have in identifying their ideal customer is that they allocate very little if any time to figuring out the answer. It is almost like when the question is asked that we should know the answer off the top of our head. I for one believe you should know the answer off the top of your head. However, if you simply shoot from the hip, repeat your quick answer often enough, then you will start to believe the answer. The chances are that your quick answer is the wrong one and if you base your marketing plan on it then it will fail.

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