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It’s That Time of Year!

My name for this time of the year: “The ending and beginning of opportunities.” The business world always abounds in opportunities for those who seek are willing to seek them out and seize them. However, for some reason we seem to become more aware or perhaps more open to them this time of year. I would suggest that this awareness is driven by a sense that the New Year brings a chance to begin again.…

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What Does 2018 Look like From the Small Business Point of View?

As the year winds down, it is only natural to look forward to 2018. Some businesses develop extensive business plans for the new year; while I suspect that most small businesses simply think about the new year and record little of their plan on paper. I encourage all my clients to take the time, away from the day-to-day activity of their business, to develop at least a one-page plan to guide them in the new…

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It is Time to Go – How to Know When it is Time to Leave Your Business

Every business venture has a beginning and end for its owner. A great deal of time is typically put into the beginning of the business. The beginning or start-up phase is an exciting time for everyone concerned particularly the owner. Plans are written and re-written as assets are counted and typically to a lesser extend liabilities are considered. Once the business starts, then it is off to the races with little if any concern for…

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