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Today Make Time to Have Lunch with a Smart Person

Recently I had lunch with Tommy Thompson. Tommy has run the daily operations of our 1,000+ member church campus. In that job he uses all the skills and experience he has accumulated in 40+ years of working in a variety of jobs in Corporate America. In his career, Tommy has held several positions, such as corporate safety manager for a major energy company, which required him to be a top-notch strategist as well as a…

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One Overlooked Opportunity to Assure You Hire the Right Person

The hiring process for many small businesses is a daunting task. Most lack a HR department or person to manage the process. Instead, the business typically relies more on what I call “gut instinct” than a well-designed process or procedure. This means that many of the basic steps necessary to making a good hiring decision are not considered or taken. The result is an employee turnover rate that is way too high and that impairs…

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