What is remote consulting?

Remote consulting allows 1 Best Consult to provide advisory services to people across the globe. Using regular communication through video, phone, and email methods, we are able to become your virtual consultant. By avoiding recurring travel fees to meet non-Houston area clients on-site, we are able to offer the same highly rated services at a fraction of the cost.

Recognize the value of service

Many people are reluctant to invest in consulting, in time and or money. The challenge is to put a value on the issue or problem that needs to be solved. Many times the consultant is the most cost-effective way to solve the issue or problem.

The key question to me is would someone who has experience and a perspective different from my own help me get from point A to point B quicker and easier than I could on my own. Only you as the business owner/manager can answer this question.

If you feel you need help in solving some issue or problem then please contact me for a complimentary consultation.

Getting value from our relationship

How we begin our work together is a key factor in our success. Before starting, your situation will be carefully defined. We will have a clear agreement regarding objectives, deliverables, fees, and responsibilities.

Early on, you will need to inform your team about our consulting engagement if they are going to be involved. If they are going to be involved then we will identify others who will provide additional perspectives about the situation.

Along the way, I may uncover more information than you currently know about the situation. I will share this information with you, directly.

Throughout the project I will stay in close touch with you. You should feel free to discuss anything about our consulting engagement along the way.

We’ll discuss any potential obstacles that could impede our success. I don't believe in wasting your valuable time - or mine - on strategies that won’t deliver results.

My simple approach

I work with the highest level of integrity and confidentiality. I am always open and honest with my clients. Delving into the inner workings of a business sometimes (in fact, often) uncovers some thorny issues. I will give you the facts straight – and will tell it like I see it.

I am as committed to enjoying the work and the relationship with my client as I am to getting results. I enjoy what I do. I enjoy working with my clients!

We are likely to be successful if...

...the client believes in continuous improvement in themselves and their business.

If you would like learn more please contact me to schedule an initial appointment. I do not charge for the 1st hour so that we both can find out if we can make a good team.

Do you need business consulting?

Perhaps you do if any of the following are true:

• You believe the growth of the business could be better but you’re not sure what to do to gain the improvements you seek.

• You don’t have the specific knowledge and skills necessary to solve the certain problems you've identified. No one knows everything, but successful business owners know when to ask for help.

• You have the necessary knowledge and skills but not the time or personnel to solve the problem. Every successful business owner is busy and successful owners know when to delegate.

• Your own efforts have not produced the desired improvements.

About Rick Schissler

Common Sense Business Advice

Rick Schissler is a business consultant/mentor/writer/public speaker supported by over 35 years of quantifiable achievement and experience as: Entrepreneurial President-COO-level executive. Direct management and company development of for-profit enterprises. Originated the purchase, development and final disposition of multiple businesses. Hold B.B.A. with specialization in real estate/finance and a J. D. in law.

* Cross-industry experience creating and increasing productivity, efficiency, and profitability.
* Blend motivation, leadership, creative and analytical abilities to develop and implement innovative --ideas that produce bottom-line results for all my clients.
* Offer real solutions that can be implemented today and show quantifiable results tomorrow.

I currently offer my services as a consultant/mentor for small business (up to $25 million in annual sales); as a writer of articles focusing on start-up and operations for business publications; and as a speaker/workshop leader on a variety of business related topics.

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