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Serving the Customer after the Sale

All of us are in the business of selling and delivering a product(s) and or service(s). The question I would like to explore today is what do you do once the customer says yes? Every company at this point should be prepared to deliver the product(s) and or service(s) that the customer has purchased. Unfortunately, there are a number of companies believe it or not that are not ready at this point to deliver. The…

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Getting It Right

How often do you get it right in your business? Everyday a business owner is challenged to “get it right” on a multitude of decisions. Each decision involves having the ready knowledge of a variety of subjects. You not only must have the right information, but you are expected to make the right decision every time. I would suggest that we are holding ourselves as a business decision maker to an impossible standard. Once we…

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5 Reasons Your Business Is Not Too Small to Benefit From IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services can be sized to fit any business – even a business with only one (1) computer! The main benefit of Managed Services is that the business turns over the care and maintenance of its IT systems to an expert or group of experts. This in turn frees up the business to utilize its time and assets in building its business. Many business owners or managers believe their particular business is too small…

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