How High is Your Overhead?

How to effectively manage your overhead: treat it like any other expense, with care and constant review. Overhead is one of those numbers that always seems too high. Why? In my experience it is because like a credit card we charge items to the card and forget that the balance is always growing. It grows in good times and then when business softens, as it ultimately will, we are stuck with the number. A little…

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How Do I Share My Business Information with My Employees?

The answer to the question, “How do I Share Business Information with my Employees”, has several parts. First, you need to decide if you want to share this kind of information. There are several reasons you might want to share your business information with some or all your employees. First, many business owners want to “empower” their employees so they can perform at higher levels. Secondly, the employee can feel more a part of a…

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What is the Temperature of Your Business Financial Plan for 2018?

  At this point of the year, yes, we are still in January, I would hope that you have all your planning wrapped up. If not, then this encouragement is definitely for you. It is also if for those who finished their planning prior to the end of the year and just filed it a way. Get that plan out, share it and make sure you have the action plans in place to make it…

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