What Do Your Customer’s Think About Your Business?

If I picked 10 of your customers at random what would they tell me about their experience in doing business with your company? Really good companies know the answer to this question simply because they ask their customers. In many cases they ask them on a regular basis. That allows them to adjust, change, or make right anything that is causing a customer to have anything less than a great experience in doing business with them.

As the owner of the business are you putting yourself in a position to listen to your customers? My grandfather, who started a retail service business with my grandmother, used to position himself by the front door every night. He wanted to greet every customer who came in to pick up their order. He rarely waited on a customer, his job as he saw was to hold the door open and welcome the customer. This allowed him to talk to the customer and find out how they liked or disliked about the service they were getting. Any business owner can position him or herself to talk to their customers on a regular basis.

What role do your employees play in getting feedback and when needed to respond to the feedback they receive? Are your employees who deal directly with customers empowered to fix certain issues or respond to complaints? Many companies put customers seeking relief in a que of procedures, many times dictating even what type or method of communication the company will accept in dealing with a customer issue. Typically, it appears that the company is trying to avoid talking directly with the customer. What a big mistake this approach is.

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