What is the Will and Determination of Your Business?

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “will” as “the power to control one’s actions, impulses or emotions.” In the context of a small business, what is your ability (as the owner) to control your actions and those of your business? I think this a fair question that each business owner needs to be able to answer.

Our ability to control the actions of our business potentially has very special and important consequences for ourselves and our business. If our business is ‘out of control’ then typically unwanted or even bad things can happen to the business. A loss of a large account, a major failure with one of our products or the service call that results in a customer unnecessary disruption are all bad outcomes. The more your business is out of control the more often an unwanted or bad event occurs.

Determination on the other hand is defined in Merriam-Webster as a “firm or fixed intention to achieve a desired result.” We set a goal for our business and move forward with the intention to achieve that goal. The strength of our determination will to a large extent dictate whether we achieve the result we are seeking or not.

When owning and managing a business we typically set goals for the business. Many times, we lose sight or forget about these goals. As a business owner we also sometimes lose control of our business. How you might ask? Making a bad hire, not implementing/enforcing safety practices or failure to follow-up on sales prospects are all examples of how we lose control of our business. The outcome of all these examples potentially has a negative impact on the business.

We as business owners must bring a will and determination to our business. The day to day control of the business will make the difference in the success or failure of the business. The owner, as the leader of the business, must initiate the will of the business. The determination to meet goals and maintain control are the necessary tools that are used to build a strong, growing business.

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