To Scale or Not to Scale Your Business

Recently I was listening to a podcast hosted by John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing and featuring David Finkel, author of Scale: Seven Proven Principles to Grow Your Business and Get Your Life Back and Build a Business, Not a Job. David and John had a great discussion about how to grow your business. David believes that the primary ingredient to successful grow your business is building strong workable systems in all parts of your business.

I happen to agree with David that building workable systems or processes in the business is crucial to successfully growing the business. He believes the need for systems is based on the fact that more hard work and longer hours by the owner can only go so far. In fact, he said that you cangrow-your-business-tlc grow a business only 2 to 3 bigger on these personal contributions alone. Proper systems allow others to participate directly in growing the business; and if they are built right then the owner will feel comfortable in turning over areas of the business to others.

The first step offered by David to grow the business in a systemized way is for the owner to public state that growth is a goal for the company. My guess is that the reason the owner must public admit the commit they are committed to change is that he/she is committing to changing themselves, therefore giving up a certain amount of control to build a bigger business.

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