What’s Under the Hood of Your Business Technology?

Yes, your business has a hood just like your car or truck does. Therefore, from time to time you or your mechanic (technician) needs to check under the hood to make sure the engine that drives your technology is running smooth. Also, every 6 – 12 months you need to make sure your “engine” is up to the tasks at hand so that your technology keeps your business operating and competitive.

Your growth plans should be the real starting point of how you evaluate your business technology. If you plan to grow slowly and you are satisfied with your current competitive position, then you can typically let upgrades or replacements slide a bit. However, on the other hand, if you are seeking to grow and compete at a higher level, then your technology may need to be closer to the latest and greatest available. In today’s technology world, newer technology typically adds additional features and capabilities that allow your business to operate more efficiently. This efficiency can drive revenue up and expenses down which puts your business in a more competitive and profitable position.

First, I encourage you to take stock or an inventory of all the technology you use in your business. Unless you are still depending on a rotary phone or a mechanical cash register then technology should be helping you run a better business. Start with your point of sale, if you have one, and then move to what I call your administrative computer or network. Verify that the equipment and software you are using are sufficient and up to date to keep these systems running at the speed you need. You may need to upgrade or replace some or all the equipment and/or software depending on your growth plans.

Secondly, look at all the other technologies that are a part of your business process. This could include credit card processing; use of I-pads; digital cameras for security as well as consumer sales; and controlling shipping costs. Each one of these areas are subject to new technologies that can make their use if more cost effective. Also consider completely new technologies or uses for technologies, such as using the I-pad to improve your customers in-store experience.

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