Getting It Right

How often do you get it right in your business? Everyday a business owner is challenged to “get it right” on a multitude of decisions. Each decision involves having the ready knowledge of a variety of subjects. You not only must have the right information, but you are expected to make the right decision every time. I would suggest that we are holding ourselves as a business decision maker to an impossible standard. Once we have done that then the pressure to “get it right” every time overwhelms us and typically poor decisions follow.getting-right

My answer to this dilemma is to narrow down the areas of decision where we expect ourselves to “get it right”, at least most of the time. Select the most important areas of the business and aim to stay on top of the current information available on those areas. Also, you need to seek to understand how those areas directly impact your business. Once you have determined what these areas are then you simply use your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses to the point your decisions in these areas get it right most of the time.

In small businesses arena, I believe there are many areas that every business owner needs to make sure they are well versed in to achieve success in their business. The first one is to constantly look and be open to new opportunities. These opportunities can be both small and large. It not just the next great idea that you are looking for but ideas and opportunities that may be small but if implemented have a positive impact on your business. The key here is to stay ‘open minded’ to any information that comes your way that may help your business be more successful.

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