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How Do I Maintain Growth?

This is one of what I call a magical question; everyone in business ask the question where is your growth, and everyone has their own answer. One of my law professors summed it up best, “You say.” I would agree that there can be many answers and in most cases the answer for growth can be very long and sometimes complicated. I choose to try and keep it simple as I do with all my…

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Hiring to Grow

Almost every owner of a business wants to grow their business. Growing a business requires numerous tools, but the most important tool is a good, quality workforce. The first step in building that workforce is to hire the best individuals you can find. This means finding not only the best individuals but the best people that will help grow your business. The first step in the process for hiring the right people is to develop…

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It’s That Time of Year!

My name for this time of the year: “The ending and beginning of opportunities.” The business world always abounds in opportunities for those who seek are willing to seek them out and seize them. However, for some reason we seem to become more aware or perhaps more open to them this time of year. I would suggest that this awareness is driven by a sense that the New Year brings a chance to begin again.…

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