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Basic Business Strategy For Your Business

By admin | Aug 31, 2016

Every business needs a Strategy. Its own unique strategy or roadmap to follow in building the business to its point of success. The ‘look’ and ‘feel’ of the strategy is really up to you as the owner of the business. The key is that you, your employees, other stakeholders, if any, must be able to clearly understand what your strategy is. Your strategy and the resulting business plan is a communication tool from which every…

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Past and current Presidents toast to the 30th Anniversary of the Silver Fox Advisors

By admin | Aug 3, 2016

30th Anniversary Luncheon Celebration – Silver Fox Advisors As I have many amigos that are Silver Fox Advisors, I decided to make my reservation way in advance to make sure I got a seat for this event. Because of the extra attendees, the event was in the large banquet room, in lieu of the smaller regular meeting area where their ”normal” luncheons are hosted. The meeting was brought to order by James Griffing, current Silver…

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Why do you let Cyber-Thieves steal your information?

By admin | Jul 27, 2016

  Why do we let thieves steal the information from our computer systems? Are we not concerned about our privacy? How long will we continue to expose ourselves and our businesses to being ripped off by cyber-thieves? The answer to these and other questions concerning protecting your valuable computer information lie completely with you. There are a number of basic or common ways that most information is hacked or stolen. In this article I offer…

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By admin | May 20, 2016

Hope you and your business enjoyed a good holiday; even if all you did was close and you and your employees took an extra day or two off. The 4th of July represents a midpoint in the business year. The books are closed on the first half of the year and you now have the last half the year to make the year so to speak. I would suggest that you start by looking at…

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