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How Big Can I Grow My Business?

By admin | May 2, 2018

This can be a really tough question to answer, in particular if it is your business. First, there are resources we need to successfully grow a business. “Would we be able to find and afford them?” Secondly, “How do I develop a business plan that if effectively implemented will lead to growth of my business?” Thirdly, are the questions about oneself like “Am I qualified to lead this business and successfully grow it according to…

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How Do I Share My Business Information with My Employees?

By admin | Apr 18, 2018

The answer to the question, “How do I Share Business Information with my Employees”, has several parts. First, you need to decide if you want to share this kind of information. There are several reasons you might want to share your business information with some or all your employees. First, many business owners want to “empower” their employees so they can perform at higher levels. Secondly, the employee can feel more a part of a…

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How Do I Maintain Growth?

By admin | Apr 11, 2018

This is one of what I call a magical question; everyone in business ask the question where is your growth, and everyone has their own answer. One of my law professors summed it up best, “You say.” I would agree that there can be many answers and in most cases the answer for growth can be very long and sometimes complicated. I choose to try and keep it simple as I do with all my…

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Grow Your Business From Day 1

By admin | Apr 9, 2018

At first glance, the topic of this blog may seem a bit self-evident. Every business starts to grow in one way or another the first day it opens for business. My point in this article is we all want to grow, but how do you want to grow? Are you seeking a path to grow that goes more or less straight up or do you want to be a bit more conservative and grow say…

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How Do I Know I Am Right?

By admin | Mar 30, 2018

The simple answer to the question of “How Do I Know I Am Right” when hiring someone that you don’t know. Even if you have the best well-thought out and executed hiring process in the world you still cannot know with 100% certainty that you have chosen to hire the right person. The question is what should be my expectation, my reasonable expectation of success when hiring? Study upon study and experience should tell you…

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Hiring to Grow

By admin | Mar 26, 2018

Almost every owner of a business wants to grow their business. Growing a business requires numerous tools, but the most important tool is a good, quality workforce. The first step in building that workforce is to hire the best individuals you can find. This means finding not only the best individuals but the best people that will help grow your business. The first step in the process for hiring the right people is to develop…

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First Question When Hiring – Where Do I Find the Right People?

By admin | Mar 14, 2018

At some point in our lives, we are all seekers and hunters for food, clothing and housing. I would suggest that you use the basic skills that you have developed in looking for life’s basic needs as a starting point to find the right employees for your business. All of us are equipped to some extent to find the basics we need to survive and these same tools and experiences can help you find the…

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Oh No, I Have to Hire!

By admin | Mar 7, 2018

The process of hiring employees should not send you as the business owner into a cold sweat. If you will take the time to build a process and properly use, then you can win the challenge by hiring the best people available. The first step is to locate the resources you need to build your own hiring process. You can find a variety of hiring processes by looking on the internet, buying a book, attend…

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What’s Under the Hood of Your Business Technology?

By admin | Feb 28, 2018

Yes, your business has a hood just like your car or truck does. Therefore, from time to time you or your mechanic (technician) needs to check under the hood to make sure the engine that drives your technology is running smooth. Also, every 6 – 12 months you need to make sure your “engine” is up to the tasks at hand so that your technology keeps your business operating and competitive. Your growth plans should…

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