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I Dare You And Your Business Not To Fail!

By admin | Jan 21, 2019

How many times have you as a business owner heard about how often small business fail. There are all kinds of statistics available and often they sometimes don’t agree to actual numbers, but then again, I imagine it is difficult to get an accurate count. Regardless, everyone seems to agree that the number is very high particularly in the first years of life of a new business. There are a good number of reasons businesses…

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How Can I Find the Right Mentor for Me and My Business?

By admin | Jan 4, 2019

I recently came across an article entitled, “10 Reasons to Avoid Executive Leadership Coaches Like the Plaque,” by Chris Pearse. (Forbes 12/22/19). In the article Mr. Pearse, who is a leadership coach himself, outlined a number of pitfalls one can encounter when engaging a coach or mentor. Two that really struck me were the coach/mentor who uses a structured process, which I call “using a notebook” and the other is those who focus on performance.…

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Let the Celebration Begin – You and the Success of Your Business

By admin | Dec 26, 2018

We all like to celebrate in one way or another our life’s accomplishment. Take for example your birthday. We all one every year and in most cases, we enjoy the recognition by friends and family of this important event. The party and the gathering of celebrants is wonderful, but what really appeals to most of us is the recognition we personally receive from the event. If for just a moment we are the center of…

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At A Loss For Words — Never a good place for any business to be

By admin | Oct 17, 2018

Have you ever been caught for a loss of words? We all have and typically it is an embarrassing position to be in. Personally, it can happen, but it should never happen in your business. One of the keys to sustaining and building your business is to be prepared for events before they occur. Like having the right kind and amount of business insurance to cover a loss when it happens. Such as when a…

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Why Use A Marketing Plan

By admin | Jun 6, 2018

Ok, why use any plan to run your business? In my experience a lot of small businesses, typically really small businesses don’t use any type of written planning to run their business. These businesses are usually what are affectionately known as “Mom & Pop’s” or just “Mom” or “Pop” businesses. They are really someone just in business for all practical purposes to create a job for themselves. So, what the hell, why do they need…

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Employee Training – When and How Much?

By admin | May 30, 2018

Employee training is, in my opinion, one of the forgotten tools that a business can use to improve both its top and bottom line. A better trained workforce provides the business with obvious advantages. An employee who is trained to do a job is going to do a better job and he or she will be more efficient in carrying out their duties. A workplace that offers regular training to its employees will attract better,…

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How to Promote Your Employees

By admin | May 23, 2018

Our employees or human resources are the most important asset of almost every business. As such each step in developing our employees is consequential. The opportunity to promote whether is dependent on a predetermined structure or is motivated by an immediate need to replace offers you a chance to build your relationship with an individual employee as well as your workforce. A promotion is often used as a reward for an employee’s work performance. In…

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How to Get Useful Business Advice Quick and Easy

By admin | May 18, 2018

First, I will assume that you are open to seeking business advice to help you build a better business. If you are not then you need read no further. I have been helping small business owners build better businesses for 15 years. Prior to that I owned 5 different business that I either bought or started, built and successfully sold. In addition, I grew up in a family owned business. All this experience gives me…

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Loyalty – Where Do I Find Loyal Employees?

By admin | May 11, 2018

Loyal employees, like many of the characteristics of a successful business, starts with the owner(s). It typically starts the day you decide to open your own business and you start putting together your business plan. It’s during the planning process that you must decide just what kind of business attitude or atmosphere do you want to create. Most people call this your business culture. Your business culture finds its beginning with you and what you…

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