Customer Communication and How Your Business Wins or Loses the Battle?

Getting and keeping customers is the great battle fought every day in the world of business. We all know how expensive it is to get a new customer. Therefore, we should do almost anything to keep them, right? As Sam Walton said, “There is only one boss — the customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” The key to winning the battle is to communicate with your customer in a way they understand and respond to.

There is the first challenge – what is the best way to communicate with my customer? Keep in mind that every interaction (communication) with the customer is a chance to represent or misrepresent your product or service and the brand that you have built for them. How you communicate can have just as must impact on the relationship as what you say.

My approach to the situation is to look at each chance to communicate as an opportunity to build a stronger relationship. I want to make a good impression each time I approach a customer or a prospective customer. That means every type of communication I use must clearly represent in a straight-forward honest way who my business is and what we truly have to offer. Each opportunity is a gift and if you misuse or abuse it then it becomes a lost opportunity and eventually a relationship as well.

First impressions count and therefore using good manners can make all the difference in the world. A person or written communication that is warm and polite can go along way in winning a customer over. Start with hello and end with a thank you and an invitation to return to your business. Learn and use their name in the conversation. The opportunity to make it personal can have a tremendous impact on building trust and likability. Good manners are simple and in a world that generally seems to forget them you can make them work to your advantage.

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