Who Holds You Accountable?

Be Accountable words on a to-do list dry erase board telling you to take responsibility, credit or blame for a job, task or project

Accountability has become somewhat of a buzz word in the business world. Business people talk about holding teams accountable for their work. On the other end of the spectrum, we hold individuals accountable for their individual behavior if it violates current society norms. All of this accountable can be confusing to the individual small business owner.

Accountability can be a powerful tool if it is defined and used in a productive manner. A business owner who sets up their business processes in a way that hold the employees accountable for the results has a great chance of success.

To reach the highest level of success, the use of accountability requires the inclusion of other key traits such as measurement, communication, buy-in, and leadership among others. If you just “announce” that an individual or group is going to accountable you have basically “wasted your breath.”

As you can see accountability implemented properly can bring success to the business. The success can only be obtained if the owner/management takes the time to properly evaluate the process they are looking to improve as well as the person or people that will be a part of that process. Once you have the right process and people in place then continuous and open communication must take place to assure that one’s accountability standards are reached.

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