The Health Care Debate – A Teachable Moment for Business

Open your newspaper, turn on your T.V. or go online and you will find a ton of information about the health care system in America. More information, more conversation and more debate about the issue than any current issue in our country. We are in a period of information overload.Paul Miller

There are times in the life of any business that critical or important issues arise that can put you as a business owner in a position of information overload. The pressure is on to make the “right decision” and you spend a great deal of time gathering information and seeking advice. Too much information can and often does lead to a bad decision or at least not the best decision.

The health care debate needs to be broken down into smaller bites. One example are the terms or definitions used in the discussion. What do “uninsured” or “uninsurable” mean? It is obvious from the discussion that they mean different things to different groups of people. Unfortunately, many terms are defined in a way that seeks to skew or bias the debate. The result is it get just plain hard to understand what is being said and therefore for one to make the best decision.

The health care debate and critical decision making in your business have a number of important similarities. To learn more about this “teachable moment” listen to The Weekly Business Hour broadcast from Monday March 20th  on Lone Star Community Radio by going to The Weekly Business Hour page on or on Facebook to The Weekly Business Hour page:

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