How does your 2017 budget look?

At this point every business should have two months of accurate financial results for 2017. Also everyone on the management team, whether there is one (sole proprietor) or a dozen should have reviewed and discussed the results. A part of that discussion should be “how are we doing compared to the budget we worked up?” The answer to this question at this point in the calendar year can have a big impact on how you finish out the year.budget-iStock_000041295790_Large

A word of encouragement at this point: if you have not done all of the above then get started as soon as you can. I have never seen a business that can be run to its full potential without some type of accurate and timely financial information. Unfortunately, I have seen a number of businesses, particularly smaller ones, that have no numbers to measure their success with. These folks choose to run their business by what I call the “seat of the pants method less numbers.” The point is that you can run a business without financial information but in doing so cannot know if you are achieving the best results from the assets you have.

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  1. Angela Dillon on March 10, 2017 at 7:25 pm

    Great advise! I was once one of those but now am taking action sets for growth!

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