How Much Do Your Employees Know About Your Business?


I came across a short article the other day by David Finkel, CEO of Maui Mastermind® entitled

“The Backbone of Your Company.” In the article David talks about how most companies try to build their company on a one-legged stool called “Team”. We all know how stable a one-legged stool is and if there is just a little bit of sway the entire stool and its passenger can fall to the ground. This same effect can happen to any company that builds its business on the one-legged stool concept.

My question to you is how much do your employees really know about your business? I am not necessarily talking about trade secrets or customer list, but about how things run throughout your business. This could be as mundane as how you open a new account to how you track your product or service goals.

The point is do you have your company’s business processes and systems codified? No, not just the employee manual, but a beginning to end how-to covering everything one needs to know on how to run and operate your business. Also do you have the control systems in place to make sure that your systems and processes are running correctly.

David Finkel calls it the 3-legged stool, “of systems, team, and internal controls.” To learn more about “How Much Do Your Employees Know About Your Business” and why answering this question is critical to the success of your business listen to The Weekly Business Hour broadcast this Monday February 6th from 11:00am – 12:00pm on Lone Star Community Radio. You can listen live at and FM 104.5 and FM 106.1 or you can tune into the podcast after Wednesday February 8th by going to The Weekly Business Hour page on  or on Facebook to The Weekly Business Hour page: Look forward to seeing you this coming Monday!

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